Sampling As Revenge

by AndyK

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AndyK creates his most personal work since Hamburger Guitar in 2007, singing on almost every track about relationships and loss with a newfound penchant for Auto-Tune. Imagery from travel dominates the album, as do self-proclaimed "heeb-hop" beats from iMaschine, Figure, and Reason, along with melodies played on 80s synths. For an album title taken from a book about one of the last true independent record stores, it contains few vinyl samples and not a lot of scratching. AndyK only plays guitar and bass on one track each; and he only allows one guest vocal from Shaun Dawes, doing his best white 2Pac on "I Don't Care", and a brief production cameo from Page7 on "Back In `85". Otherwise, it's a true solo AndyK effort. He doesn't even rap until almost halfway through on "Catch Fade". There are brief interludes throughout that suggest a growing facility with Beastie Boys instrumental funk, but mainly he just sticks to a kind of psychedelic R&B. It's one of the first AndyK albums that strikes a consistent tone throughout and shows the artist gaining in musical maturity as he closes his second decade of recording. This year, AndyK produced and plays on EPs with Bo Deadly and MC Inferno, dropped a full-length LP with his band The Singularity, and is putting the finishing touches on albums with Red Light Fever and Fairow Tut, but still found time to push his own sound in new and unique directions. That is why he continues to be one of the most interesting and prolific independent artists working today.


released July 1, 2013

Written and produced by AndyK



all rights reserved


AndyK Los Angeles, California

AndyK has produced numerous hip-hop tracks, starting with his solo debut in 1996. AndyK has become a much sought after beatmaker in the indie LA hip-hop scene, working with a roster of diverse artists. AndyK's music is based in sampling from his extensive record collection and ability to play multiple instruments including: piano, bass, guitar, harmonica, and drums. ... more

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Track Name: All of Your Time
I wanna be with you
on a little island
far away from everyone
I can picture us there
we are smiling
lying out all day in the sun

Moorea X 3

All of your time X 4

Wanna swim with you
through a coral garden
In an ocean that's crystal blue
we'll be sleepin' in a little hut together
Watchin' the stars the whole night through

Bora Bora

All of your time X 8
Track Name: Wash Away
In the crow's nest
of this shipwreck
the water's on the rise
I keep my eyes on
the horizon
and I try to believe these lies
I've got a sinking feelin'
can you reel me in X 2
I can't tread this water
I'll just swim

Wash away
Track Name: Take My Picture
Take my picture
Photo-ops with ancient props
Is it ruins or an amusement park?
Take a picture
I was never here
Photo-ops with ancient props
Is it ruins or an amusement park?
Take a picture
We were never here
Remember me, remember me, in a thousand years remember me
Remember me, remember me, in a thousand years
I'm not a tourist
I'm a wanderer
Home on planet Earth
I'm not a tourist
I'm a wanderer
I am here!
Take my picture
Remember me, remember me, in a thousand years remember me
Remember me, remember me, in a thousand years
Once what was is not enough
I am here!
Once what was is not enough
I am here!
Track Name: Catch Fade
Catch fade
you're bound to get slayed
when I'm practicin' my trade
It's the AK with an AK
Let my thoughts spray
kick a wicked rhyme upside ya dome like I was Pele
say say hey hey
Upon my delay
Procrastination is the devil gettin' his pay
Every which way but loose
I keep it tight
I rhyme right
In the limelight
Up on the left
coast West so save your breath
Most def
Just look at my sketch
or smell it like a chef
in the kitchen with the heat
Emcees with beef
can't beat my meat

Catch fade

Yank me to the Yankees
They call me Andy Stanky
But frankly, Frankie, the girl is just too skanky
Enough with the hanky panky
I'd rather jerk off in a hankie
So you can thank me
Now back in DC with my MPC and a PC
I make beats real easy
Armed with monkey tats
and gold plated gats
We'll tap that ass like a keg
That's what she said

Catch fade

Son of anger
waiting breeds danger
dangerous to the ones that I love
Wrath comes down on the slow and the useless
Yell and scream and it does no good
I wanna be good
more like the Dude
Roll like the river
give myself there, deliver
Where does it come from?
When will it stop?
Shoot my mouth off at the wrong cop
Cop to the problems
count back from ten
Til it starts all over again
Am I this way or did the world do this?
Try to be like Jesus
Feelin' like Judas
Father up high
Can you hear me?
Callin' on the spirits of my family
I need a new mantra or a tantric cleanse
Used up the patience of all my friends
I wanna change I really do
Let the son of anger be born anew or...

Catch fade
Track Name: I Don't Care feat. Shaun Dawes
Am I still drunk from the last time?
Is it 3:00 or am I past time?
I can't feel my feet
but they're still there
I can't feel the pain
so I don't care

I don't care X 3
I don't care anymore, baby
Do you care?

Sittin' in my seat with the clock tic-toc'n
Hands of time grab hold of my mind
It's unlockin'
Do not wanna do
What you want me to do
You gotta step aside and just let me through `cause

I don't care X 3
I don't care anymore, baby
Do you care?

Just tryin' to live it up in these times of desperation
It'll be me smokin' on these trees
don't need no reason
Every day it's smoke season

Been down the rabbit hole
walked on the yellow brick road
but I never really found my way back home
I've seen the purple haze
looks like the sky at night in LA
Can you help me put the future on hold?

I don't care X 3
I don't care anymore, baby
Do you care?

Repeat 1st verse

You know I don't care
`Cause who really cares?
I don't care
Sometimes I care
Actually, I always care
But I don't care
Track Name: Fuck Cancer
Why me?
He never asked why me?
He did what needed to be done
He never complained
He didn't run
He stood right in front of a gun
and shouted down the barrel
I wanna live
so give me what I'm askin' for
I ain't gonna pray
I ain't gonna beg
Modern science will leave me for dead
Fuck cancer
Track Name: What Yeah
Track Name: Power of Love
I can't help
second guessin' myself
If I don't believe in me
who will believe in me?
I didn't love me
but you still loved me
So why isn't that enough?
What happened to the power of love?
I had a dream
and I figured it out
but I couldn't remember
what the dream was about
So I keep on livin'
without a purpose
and I keep on wonderin'
if it's worth it